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Study in UK from Pakistan 2019

Study in UK from Pakistan 2019

Study in the UK from Pakistan

The UK is the most popular destination for the Pakistani students as this country offer the verity of education, quality of education, affordable education, better lifestyle, chances to explore the new destinations in term of tourism and options to work part-time while studying.

Why choose the UK for the higher education?

The United Kingdom has an indisputable name for enforcing quality standards in its universities, colleges, and schools. The educational institutes have to constantly prove that their courses conform to the set criteria. Thus, the qualifications obtained in the UK will definitely boost the student’s career prospects enormously.

With some of the universities having several centuries of history, the UK offers a memorable experience. When you enter the UK, we find four countries transformed into one. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all provide you with unique cultural experiences with their distinct histories and cultures.

In addition, the country is well connected through air, rail, and road. Traveling from one region to another is easy and cheap. Unlike in some countries, you need no car to travel across the country. Besides, the country’s multi-cultural character gives the students an exposure to communicate with students from a wide variety of cultures and help them form a broader understanding of the world. All these conditions make the UK a wonderful place for the international students to pursue their careers.

Education System and Popular Courses

Since the Pakistan Education system is based on that of the UK, our colonial masters, the UK’s Education system is similar.

There are around three thousand educational institutes in the UK offering various undergraduate, postgraduate, vocational, doctoral and postdoctoral courses to the overseas students. Students can specialize themselves in a variety of courses from computer applications to music.

How should I choose a college abroad? 

It depends largely on the course you are seeking to pursue. Secondly, your financial status also should influence your choice of the college or university. 

How long does the admission process take?

Actually, it varies from college to college and university to university. However, it takes about 5 to 8 weeks.

Are there any entrance exams?

There are absolutely no entrance tests for any course as such. However, students need to secure the requisite score in IELTS or TOEFL. The MBA students need to get a good score in GMAT as well. How much does it cost to study in the UK? It differs depending on the course, college, and country. For instance, to do a Master’ degree in Arts from a UK university, it may cost a student approximately £ 6,500 to £8000 pounds. 

How to get a student visa in the UK from Pakistan?

As soon as you received the letter of acceptance from the university, you will automatically become eligible to apply for the student UK visa (Tier 4 visa). To make the student visa accepted on the first attempt, make sure to submit all the required documents. Some of the most important documents are:

  • Financial proof (bank statement)
  • English language skills prod (IELTS)
  • Previous education certificate
  • Letter of acceptance from the UK University.

What are the problems students faces during the student visa interview?

A common problem in the interview focused on three aspects: First, immigration records or immigration history and educational background; Second, in British learning programs and after-school programs; Third, learning-related funds. Through the interview process, the visa officer to consider the applicant’s English level, whether the funds provided to meet the learning of all expenditures. As well as the most important point is that you want to work in the United Kingdom, whether immigrants tendency.

What kind of accommodation can I avail?

They are a variety of options for students to accommodate themselves. Firstly, the universities provide on-campus accommodation. On-campus accommodation consists of halls of residence which are sometimes single or large where you have to share with another student. If you are not offered on-campus accommodation, you can have self-catered halls where you need to prepare your own food. Apart from these, students can hire flats or houses, preferably in the second or third year, with a band of students. 

Can I work during my stay in the university?

Yes, you can. As far as student visa for the UK is concerned, it’s a part of the visa; students are allowed to work part-time, i.e.  Students can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full time (generally 40 hours) during vacations. Do not cross the limits of working and ensure you pay attention to your studies and attend your classes regularly.

How can I find a part-time job in the UK?

Since most of the corporate companies don’t advertise the jobs, you need to know about the placements through placement cells in the respective universities or acquaintances. Hence, students are advised to expand on friends as soon as they join the university. Most of these jobs are recruited with references.

Can I stay back even after I finish the course? 

It’s easy to get a work permit after the completion of the course in the UK. The UK qualifications are also recognized throughout the world, especially in Pakistan, they are highly valued. Hence, it is not very difficult to find a job elsewhere. However, the possibility of getting the work permit is not ruled out entirely.