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Sample Personal Statement for MBA

Sample Personal Statement for MBA

Sample Personal Statement: part -1

I will like to thank you for giving me another chance to submit this letter again

Below are the responses to the specific questions that you have asked.

  1. Why did you choose UWS? Why have you chosen this particular campus?  (e.g. MBA at London over Lanarkshire) What other institutions did you consider?

My interest is first of all to get a UK qualification. The United Kingdom has the reputation of offering high quality education and receiving internationally students world over for many years.  Qualification obtained from the United Kingdom is valued worldwide and most especially in my country. Employers’ value graduates from the United Kingdom.  Experience have shown that these graduate are well trained, have the required skills and deliver great results.  This is why I choose to further my studies in UK to become more valuable in the job market which will enable me become well established in Cameroon. UWS is found in the UK where I wish to study and benefitfrom the advantages that I have stated above.

Specifically it has some great academic reputation. As ranked  by the  Times Higher Education World University ranking of 2018 as the top 3 % of universities worldwide  and also as the top 5 % as one of the country’s largest and modern University.

I choose to study at the UWS London Campus because of the great attractionsin London than Lanarkshire or other campuses in Scotland.  London is the Capital City of England and receives international students more than any city in the UnitedKingdom. Studying in such cosmopolitan cities that is connected to the world will give me the opportunity to network with student’s across the globe as well. Also is very suitable and have great advantages for studies. There are many libraries including the British Library that is a place to exploit during my course of studies.  The public transportation system in LONDON IS VERY DEVELOP: MANY train stations and   buses available almost at all times. It will be a great opportunity for me to visits the London Chamber of Commerce which is a great network and business supporting business organisation. By registering here and participating, I will beopportuneto build great network of friends and business contacts.  The fees also at the London campus are cheaper. Only£6450 as compared to £9250 in Scotland 

I have first of all make some inquiring of other university in UK such as Coventry, Anglia Ruskin and London in particular,. Coventry did not have the great London attractions that I desired. THEIR campus in LONDON WAS far more expensive for me.The fee for Coventry University MBA is£15,500 while in the University of West of Scotland is only£6450 (cheapest MBA) per year of study.Almost all qualifications obtained from UK Institutions are valuable in Cameroon. I need to save knowing that the outcomes will still achieved. The admission staffs of UWS was also very fast and quick in their response to my interest

Sample Personal Statement: part -2

  1. Why did you choose your course?  Did you consider studying any other course?

I choose to study MBA because of great job opportunities in this field in Bangladesh. We are an emerging economy, welcoming foreign investor’s world over especially China, Korea, and Canada. There Are Many Management Job Opportunities’ In Bangladesh than any other sector.  I aspired performing another managerial task at my company hence I had great zeal to obtain a management qualification. My chosen course is designed to help students with the core knowledge and skills in people, Marketing, administration and Business management as well as international business.

I did not consider taking any other course, since I had my mind made up on what I wanted to further for my master course/program. 

3    What is the course content?  How do your studies fit into your career plans?

The MBA  course overview/detailed content comprises of:

Integration of business functions, business creativity, creativity and business wealth, managing organisational health, influencing organisational strategy, analytical thinking and decision making, new venture creation, leading change, strategic business project. This suit perfectly well with my career plans. I find courses like   business creativity, creativity and influencing organisational strategy to be very enriching that could enable me develop the skills needed to perform other management task.  As earlier stated, I have completed my undergraduate degree in business studies and After the completion of my graduation, I joined as a teacher in a school called Newcastle International School, Dhaka on 01 February 2015 but I do not have a management background which has been a challenge in my career and have equally limited by growth and opportunities.  It will be rewarding where I acquire business administrative skills. I strongly believe upon return, I should be able to manage another positions.

4   If this course is offered in your home country, why have you decided to incur extra costs travelling to the UK to live and study?  Why have you chose UK, what are the benefits to you for coming to the UK rather than stay in your home country?

I decide to incur extra costs to study this course, abroad and not in my home Country, reason being that even though it is offered by some Universities in my country; they do not meet up the standard of the United Kingdom. Also the class sizes In Bangladesh are very large and the student teacher relationship is lacking. Graduates from these Universities do not show good performances as reported by many employers.

My strong reason to study in the United Kingdom is due to its standard quality education. Though I may pay higher for my studies, i will obtain the necessary skills to stand the challenges needed 

Primarily I choose to study in the  United Kingdom  for it is  well known for her high quality education system, receiving students from all over  the globe, with high credentials, having remarkable outcomes, with discipline and a desire to work, as I have experience in some of my pals and others that have studied in the UK. Another reason I choose to study in this Country is because of her remarkable and rich culture, her beautiful structural landmarks, and a peaceful place to invest in studies, and is also going to be a privilege for me to live in the UK, get accustomed with the beauty of this developed Island Country, with her liberal democracy and great power, coupled with the fact that this great Kingdom is a composition of four different Countries such as England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with distinct and diversify cultures as my home country, giving me the opportunity to study, interact and get acquainted with other cultures not known to me, also to see and how this cultures operate and plays a role in the society today, and how I believe it will also help me to understand and know how to study more broadly in my course.

And all these comprises of some of the benefits and advantages of me coming to study in the UK, rather than studying in my home Country.

5   If you have had a long break in studies, why are you returning now?

I have not really had a long break after studies. I obtained my Bachelor degree in 2015 and have been working at school. I still have the desire to of continuing studies especially as I am aware that  I do not have the academic background knowledge in the field that I am currently working. I desire other post and responsibility and even aspire to set up my own business in the far future. My mother also who is a banker have always inspire me to obtain a qualification in Management in order to be able to exploit other opportunities in Bangladesh.

6  What are your post study plans?

After my Degree I’ll back to my country. As I’m planning to start as a International Business manager or a brand manager position. My first targets are communicational companies and I have researched on few companies. Including, Grameenphon, Qubee, Airtel and few others. This company has been hug growth in last few years. There are hug prospects to build and develop my career in the sector of general management position in the top executive rule. 

I can develop this to higher management role in the long term.

With MBA from a UK University; I can join as a manager with starting salary prospects of £600 to £700 per month rising by 20% in next 2 year. In next 5 years, I want to see myself in higher management position in which I can pocket around £1500 to £2000 per month with increment opportunities as I move on to higher position.