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Who much do you need to study in Canada?

Who much do you need to study in Canada?

A big question Is it free to study in Canada?

More and more international students from Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India are now preferring Canada over other international destinations for the student visa and higher education. Canada has world best universities, a friendly destination for international students and students get the Canadian visa more easily as compare to other countries. But these are not the only reason which is attracting more international students to choose Canada over other countries.

The main reason which makes international students apply for the Canadian student visa is the cheap tuition fee and low living expenses. So, if you are a student who is still confused that which country you should choose for the better future at reasonable prices then you must prefer Canada other countries like Australia and USA etc.

What are the education expenses in Canada:

When an international student thought about to study in Canada, the first thing come to his/her brain is the student visa while it should be the second thought because one cannot get student visa until he/she satisfied the university regarding the financial matter and pay at least the one-semester tuition fee. So, before you put your leg in the process to get the student visa for Canada, you must prepare enough money to support your education and living expenses.

It would be wrong if I state a single figure here because every university in Canada has different fee structure which totally depends on different factors. The university fee in Canada depends on the ranking, the course offered by the university and number of students has enrolled for the specific course.

Students are no more being worried about the education and living expenses in Canada because, under the new rules, an international student can work for specific hours every week. As per the survey and statistics, the international students living in Canada has agreed that their part-time jobs are enough for them to enjoy the life of Canada and pay for the tuition fee. But still, you must satisfy the Canadian embassy when applying for the student visa regarding the financial expenses by showing a specific amount in your or your sponsor’s bank account.

Undergrad tuition fee in Canada:

The undergrad tuition fee depends on the field of study grouping. Generally, the arts and general education related study groups have the lower fee. The student can complete graduation in Canada as low as $17,000 where this cost goes as high as $50,000 if a student chooses the veterinary medicine or dentistry for the education. The creative and humanities subjects cost very low as compare to technical programs.

Post-graduation cost in Canada:

The post-graduation tuition fee in Canada depends on the group of study as the undergrad tuition fee but as compare to graduation tuition fee the tuition fee of post-graduation programs are quite low in Canada. An international student can complete the post graduation studies in $14,000 if choosing the humanities or creative subjects. Some programs like dentistry and architecture and related technologies may cost more than $20,000 for full-time study.