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Visa Interview Question and Answer

Visa Interview Question and Answer

The questions asked during the student visa interview are not really tricky but standard questions. The purpose of asking these questions is to judge your personality and ensure that you are the right person to enter their home country. They do not want to put the candidate in trouble that’s why their questions they are asked are usually the same for years. The main purpose of these student visa interview questions is to scrutinize the mentality of the candidate and this has been done by having a communication (interviews) and meet in person.

At visa interview question, you have been a series of different questions to test that what is your plan for the future and what is your actual motive to get the education from the specific country’s university. The best way to answer these questions is to speak the truth. By making new arguments, you can put yourself in the difficult situation.

Following I am sharing the answers to questions which has been asked in almost every student visa interview question. It does not matter that for which country’s student visa you are applying for (UK, Canada, Australia, EU countries and the USA etc) you will be asked the following question:

Why not the home country and why another country?

You don’t need to give bad reputation about your country like poor education or optical issues etc. Remember that this interview has been conducted for the temporary visa. You can simply answer by saying that the universities in your country offer the short number of program or you did not get a university who offers admission in your desired program. For the second half question, you can talk about the quality of education, life, culture and chance to meet with other international student and experience the multi-colure life etc.

Why this university?

You don’t need to say that the university charge lower fee or this is the only university who has given you admission etc. This will leave the negative impact. The best way to answer this question is to talk about the good things which this university offers as compared to other. You can always get such type of information from university’s website. You must conduct proper research to answer this question.

Why this program?

Like the previous question, you need to talk about the benefits of the specific program you have chosen for the further education. You can also include that this program will help you to get a better job in your home country and how this is best for you in the future etc. Also, try to relate it with your previous studies.

Tell me about your course online and subject detail:

This could be a little tricky question but the purpose of asking this question is to ensure that the candidate is fully familiar with the course he/she has applied for. Make sure to learn about your course and subjects in details through university website including how it will benefit you in your professional life.

Who is the sponsor of your education and other expenses?

Sponsor is the person who finances you for your education expenses in the foreign country. You do not just need to tell the name of the person but you will be also asked about the source of his/her income. So make sure that you know these details. This detail shows your relationship and bonding with the specific person. You must also know the complete cost of your education and living expenses (monthly and yearly).

What is the guarantee that you will return within visa allowed period?

This is the only and most difficult question asked during the student visa interview question. You need to prove your ties with your home country and family. You can do this simply by telling about your love for your family. You can talk about any job you have been promised on return and show your properties etc to ensure them that you have the interest to come back to your country.