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Top 10 universities of Canada for International Students

Top 10 universities of Canada for International Students

Top 10 universities of Canada for International Students

International students look for the top 10 universities of Canada when they are looking for the universities to get admission in before applying for the Student visa for Canada. They want to get admission in any of the top 10 universities of Canada because it increases their chance to get a job in Canada after completion of their studies which directly leads to Canadian citizenship. Having the name of the top university in CV increases their chances to get a highly paid job in their home country as well.

The ranking of universities in Canada has been changed yearly on many factors. The factors which include ranking a university is the standard of education, rating by students, research work performed by students, the popularity of university and the results etc. It is not just about the education which helps a university to get better rank but also the extracurricular activities too. The universities who have been sort for the ranking must be licensed by the appropriate Canadian higher education-related organization. The university also offers at least four-year undergraduate degree or master studies.

If you are planning to travel Canada for higher education, then the list of top 10 Canadian universities of 2018 will surely help you to pick the best university. Following I am sharing the list of top 10 universities which has been featured in 2018 Canadian University Ranking.

1 – University of Toronto

It was founded in 1901 and based in Toronto. The university offer courses almost in all major courses like engineering, art, science, business studies, medical and music etc.

2 – The University of British Columbia

Overtaking McGill University due to outstanding performance in 2017. It was founded in 1908. As per university claim, there are more than 14,000 international students are enrolled in their different programs.

3 – McGill University

This university is famous for its highest number of Rhodes scholars and Nobel Prize winners which are 142 and 12 respectively. It was founded in 1821 and have more than 40,000 students in which 25% are international students.

4 – University of Waterloo

This university has recently jumped from 7 to 4 while it has been ranked at 152 number worldwide. It was founded in 1957. MMore than 35% students in this university coming from outside Canada. The University of courses in all fields.

5 – University of Alberta

Worldwide the University of Alberta has ranked at number 90. The university has international students from 143 countries. The university is famous among international student due to verity of graduate programs and lower academy fee.

6 РUniversit̩ de Montr̩al

It is one of the cheapest universities in Canada but still maintain high ranking in Canada and world best universities. The university has been known as one of the top 10 employers in the Montreal region. From music to MBA, every type of course has been offered in this university.

7 – University of Calgary

The university was founded in 1966 and have five campuses included one in Qatar. The university offer more than 100 different courses and known for their invention work like neurochip.

8 – The University of Western Ontario

Western University is located in London, Ontario, founded in 1878. The university has given world many Nobel people including Roberta Bondar, Margaret Chan, Bjarni Tryggvason and Jack Cowin etc.

9 – Queen’s University

It is one of the oldest university of Canada because it was founded before Canada was founded in 1841. There are more than 22,000 students with 10% population of international students.

10 – McMaster University

Recently ranked at number 140 in the world top universities were founded in 1887. Today their main campus is located in Ontario. The university has 70 research centers and institutes and known for its medical studies.