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Cheapest University in the UK for International student

Cheapest University in the UK for International student

Cheapest University in the UK for International student 2018

As per the survey organized by TheCompleteUniversityGuide, the universities in the UK are charging the lowest fee since the year 2016. This attracts many international students to travel the UK for the higher education. The UK has never been an affordable country for the international students but after Brexit, many universities in the UK has lower their tuition fee to attract more and more international students.

As an international student, one but look for the cheapest university in the UK as this results in saving which can be used to improve the living style in the UK as a student. Although there are limited part-time jobs options available for international students in the UK, that’s why it is important for them to pick the cheapest university in the UK to save money and fulfil their living expenses easily.

When we talk about the cheapest universities in the UK, there are many options available. The different courses have different tuition fee. By searching the cheapest university in the UK, you can get admission in the graduate program as low as £9500 in Bucks New University where it cost about £9000 for postgraduate programs at Royal Veterinary College. But these are not the only universities in the UK who has low tuition fee programs.

Following I am sharing the complete list of cheapest universities in the UK who welcome international students so they can get a quality education at affordable price.

Buckinghamshire New University:

The university has two campuses which are located in Uxbridge and Wycombe. The average annual fee at both campuses is about£9,500. The university offer verity of programs for both graduate and postgraduate students.

Staffordshire University:

This university is located in England. The university offers fast-track undergraduate degrees which allow international students to complete their education in two years only. The average price of their undergraduate programs starts from £10,500 per year. The university offer courses in comic arts and cartoon etc.

Teesside University:

This university has one of the luxuries campuses in the UK which guaranteed that the student received world-class facilities. It is located in Middlesbrough and has £10,250 average tuition fee for per year.

University College Birmingham:

There are very few universities in the UK who offer on-campus restaurant and accommodation facilities. The university has many other similar facilities to make the student remember their time at the campus forever. Their average annual tuition fee is £10,000.

Leeds Trinity University:

If you are looking for the cheapest university in the UK who offer programs in Psychology, Sports, and Nutrition, then you need to check out Leeds Trinity University. It has been founded in the 1960s and given thousands of graduate to the country. The average annual fee at this university is only £11,000.

York St John University:

The university is located in Lord Mayor’s Walk which allows university students to get access to many popular places of the city like shops, pubs, and bars. The university offers different programs but has the speciality in the art related courses. The average annual tuition fee of this university starts from £11,000.