page contents My title page contents Cheapest University in Canada for International student 2018

Cheapest University in Canada for International student in 2018

Cheapest University in Canada for International student in 2018

Cheapest University in Canada for International student in 2018

If you are an international student and planning to study in Canada then you must know about the cheapest universities in Canada because by getting in cheap university in Canada, you can easily save a lot of money.

Canada is a versatile country, that’s why there is all size of public and private universities where international students can get admission easily. In Canada, the universities charge up to $15,000 for per academic year. By choosing the low fee university, you can easily save up to $5000 per year.

For the newbie and those students who do not have much information about universities in Canada, it could be difficult to get the list of cheap universities. To help the international students to find out cheap universities in Canada in 2018, we bring the latest list of cheapest universities in Canada. These universities are especially for the international students who are planning to travel Canada in near future for the higher education.

Memorial University of Newfoundland:

This university has more than 1,800 international students from 90+ different countries which make up about 12% of total students. This university has many graduations and postgraduation courses which charge less than $10,000 per year. The university even offers the master in the science course. On average their undergraduate program cost $8500 per year where postgraduate cost about $13,000 per year. The university also offers scholarship and loan facilities to the international students.

Dominican University College:

The estimated tuition fee at Dominican University College is $5000. This university has been ranked one of the cheapest university in Canada as well in past 5 years. It is located in Ottawa which means that the international student gets high chances to get a part-time job and earn good money. Most of the courses offered in this university are theology and philosophy.

Brandon University:

About 16% population of this university consists of international students. This university attracts the international students due to its cheap master program which cost only $7500 per year. The fee for the undergraduate program which has been offered by this university is no more than $6500 per year. It is located in beautiful city of Manitoba.

Universite de Saint Boniface:

This is a French-language university but it is affiliated with the popular University of Canada called the University of Manitoba. The average tuition fee for international student in this university is around $6200 per year. The university offer verity of programs including science and social work programs.

Athabasca University:

This is one of the biggest university as compared to the above universities. There are more than 40,000 students where international students made up about 10% of the whole population. The undergraduate program cost about $9000 and postgraduate programs cost $15000 only.

Canadian Mennonite University:

This is a Christian University which is located in Winnipeg Manitoba. This university has many verities of courses including music, social science, math, and science. One can get admission in any of these programs simply by paying $7500 tuition fee (per year) The university does not offer any Master level studies to international students.