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UK student visa interview questions and answers 2018

UK student visa interview questions and answers 2018

UK Tier 4 student visa mainly depends on visa interview or credibility interview. Usually, this interview has taken through Skype. UK student visa interview question divided into 4 categories as follows

  1. About your University
  2. About your course and career plan
  3. About your sponsor
  4. About your chosen destination

Please find the following tier 4 student visa interview questions and answers

Why have you chosen to study in the UK? Or  Why did you select the UK for high Education?

  • World-class qualifications, latest academic knowledge,
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • British degree is recognized by our Nigerian  employer
  • Highly standard teaching facilities than my country
  • Personal, professional, cognitive & soft skills development,
  • Safe country for an international student.
  • Opportunity to gain excellent commands in the English language,
  • Opportunity to be part of famous alumni, great network,
  • International learning experience.
  • That’s why I want to study in the UK

Why have you chosen the this University of Worcester?

  • The high quality of academic experience and has silver rankings in teaching excellence.
  • Located in the heart of England, the historic city of Worcester boasts dramatically beautiful sceneries.
  • Living cost is cheaper than London.
  • University offered me £3000 scholarship.
  • Courses are highly relevant and designed to cater to the needs and demand of students and employers.
  • University has one of the largest libraries.
  • University has an outstanding record of graduate employment.
  • A truly friendly, inclusive approach with excellent student support.
  • Won times higher education award & Sort listed university of the year.

Where is your university located in the UK?

Address: University of Worcester Henwick Grove City or town: Worcester County, area district or province: Postcode: WR2 6AJ

How many Universities did you apply for? Or Did you consider any other University? 

Ans: Well I applied 4 universities in UK, University of East London, University of Hertfordshire and Birmingham City University and the University of Worcester.

I have researched few universities and their courses including –

  • University of Bedfordshire: Course – MBA, Duration – 15 months, Tuition Fees – £12,000, Campus – Luton.
  • University of East London: Course – MSc, Duration: 1years, Tuition Fees – £12,480, Location: London.

University of Hertfordshire: Course – MSc, Duration 15 months, Tuition Fees – £12,600, Location: Hertfordshire

And the University of Worcester which I have selected finally  

What course are you going to study? 

Masters in Business Administration with 6 months Internship

Why did you select this course or MBA? Is it relevant to your previous studies? Or Why are you taking this course?

1.this course will lead me towards the best employment opportunities in Nigeria

2. My course is accredited by (CMI) Chartered Management Institute

3. my chosen course designed to cater to the needs and demand of student and employers.

4. especially the course module like Strategic Marketing in the Digital Economy is one of the main reason to choose this course.

  1. this course will build my analytical skill.

YES this course is relevant to my previous study 

What is the course structure and content?

  • MBA course has 180 credit total

Following course content i will study during my study

  • Business Investigation & Discovery
  • Financial Decision Making for Managers
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Delivering Change
  • International Operations  Management
  • Strategic Marketing in the Digital Economy
  • Strategic Resourcing and Talent Management
  • Strategy, Sustainability & the Global Economy

Project alternatives

  • Management Project (based upon ‘client’ brief)

What is the learning outcome of your course? 

  • learn to develop sustainable strategies which can work within a hypercompetitive environment in both the physical place and the virtual space.
  • consider how to recruit the very best employees, through techniques such as creating an effective brand as an employer, innovative job design and analysis of key metrics.
  • explore international operations management in terms of managing the global supply chain, outsourcing and cross-functional team working.
  • hone your financial decision-making skills enabling you to demonstrate your ability to optimise shareholder value, even in complex circumstances such as mergers and hostile takeover.

What is the course commencement date?

Course start date: 25/01/2018 Course end date: 31/07/2019 Latest date a student can be accepted on to the course: 11/02/2018

Where will you stay in the UK?

I will stay at University student accommodation, which is 3 minutes walking distance from University

Do you have friends and family in the UK? 

No, I do not have any friend and family in the UK

What’s your future plan after completing the course? What are your career aspirations?

You need to write your career plan or contact us if you need help